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Brooklyn Blossoms

Commission by the office of the President of Pratt Institute


Brooklyn Blossoms is a series of abstract animations inspired by the ever changing foliage that surrounds Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY. Commissioned by the office of President Frances Bronet, I set out to make something that mirrored my changing senses of wonder and engagement throughout the year while I was a graduate student at Pratt. Given the nature of the changing leaves and environment based on the season I submitted several different versions, each with a slightly different tone and feel, representing the fall, winter, spring, and summer.
This animation was paired with a message from President Bronet and sent to the entire faculty, student body, and alumni association of Pratt as a holiday greeting and message. A first of its kind for a new president of the institute, this was the first time a students work had been sent out to such a wide audience by this president.

I was extremely honored to have been selected for this privilege and am very grateful to President Bronet and the lovely folks at Pratt CCPD.